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Glubble for Firefox a must for ALL Parents with Kids Online

Posted by pinggu on December 30, 2007

The internet is full of many wonderful things. However, it is also host to any number to bad influences that parents dread their children being exposed to. Because of this, many companies produce filtering software in an effort to help protect children from profanity.
Glubble‘s approach is a little different. Rather than make a futile attempt at blocking everything bad on the internet, it uses a whitelist of sites that are ok for kids to see. It brings together a community of parents, allowing the user to set a pre-defined white list and even use the whitelists of other users. It’s the same sort of powerful social design that make add-ons like Adblock+ so effective.

Not only is Glubble great at keeping kids’ online time rated G, but it also gives Firefox a much more appealing and user friendly look, giving every member of the family an individualized login and portal page, even for the Adults.

Glubble works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can be downloaded directly here.

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