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Sulit Sa Saya 5 – Charity Pledge Raffle

Posted by pinggu on January 12, 2009

by (henryc)


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Posted by pinggu on December 23, 2008

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Posted by pinggu on December 16, 2008

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Posted by pinggu on January 6, 2008


Win a Brand New Honda Wave Philippines

PinoyBusiness.ORG will be celebrating its first birthday this 2008.They are giving out great prizes, every week and every month in the celebration of this event!

Not yet a member?


Grand Prize: Brand New Honda Wave 100 Honda Wave

Prizes Every Month: 1 GB MP3 Player 1GB Mp3 Player

Prizes Every Week on Wednesday: P500 Cell Phone Load
And you can win multiple times!

Not yet a member?


How to Join:

Promo Mechanics (choose 1 or combined)

Share and Invite PinoyBusiness.ORG to the entire Global Community (2 entry per invite):

  1. Once registered and logged-in, you are entitled to invite a friend to join the community by clicking the invite menu in the community page header. (the invite menu is located at the middle top of the community page)

  3. Copy and paste your invitation link and send it using your own email client (such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Your invitation link is found on your invite page.

  4. The best way to invite many people would be sending your invitation link to your friends and contacts through email.You may also post your invitation link in other forums and groups.
  5. You get 2 raffle entries once the invited person clicks your invitation link and signs up.

  6. You will be able to check the number of people who registered successfully through your invitation link by checking it out on your community profile under “Members Invited:” The “Member’s Invited” portion of your community profile will only show up if a person has successfully registered via your invitation link.

  7. In case you DON’T have any successful invites yet, “members invited” will NOT show up. This means you need to invite more people.

  8. Entries will be parsed and computed by our systems and will be added up in their promo database.

Not yet a member?


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Glubble for Firefox a must for ALL Parents with Kids Online

Posted by pinggu on December 30, 2007

The internet is full of many wonderful things. However, it is also host to any number to bad influences that parents dread their children being exposed to. Because of this, many companies produce filtering software in an effort to help protect children from profanity.
Glubble‘s approach is a little different. Rather than make a futile attempt at blocking everything bad on the internet, it uses a whitelist of sites that are ok for kids to see. It brings together a community of parents, allowing the user to set a pre-defined white list and even use the whitelists of other users. It’s the same sort of powerful social design that make add-ons like Adblock+ so effective.

Not only is Glubble great at keeping kids’ online time rated G, but it also gives Firefox a much more appealing and user friendly look, giving every member of the family an individualized login and portal page, even for the Adults.

Glubble works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can be downloaded directly here.

More Post about Glubble here

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Posted by pinggu on December 24, 2007

One Peso Auction Fever is our latest exciting offering. Aside from auctioning amazing items for unbelievably low prices, One Peso Auction Fever aims to educate new users about how online auctions are conducted. It also to show new users how safe, easy and convenient it is to transact with

One Peso Auction Fever is held thrice a day, from Monday-Friday. Each item up for auction has a corresponding secret “price” set in pesos From One (1) Peso up to P1,000 . Each bidder attempts to be the one to hit the correct target price and earn the right to purchase the item. A member can only bid up to 5 times per event/item for each of the three events on a day. Its is running for more than a year Now and Many members have already won

To make things more interesting, the bid increment is set at only one peso per bid. Each user may bid up to five times per featured item. Bidding automatically stops when the secret “target price” has been met.

The winning bidder for each item shall be displayed after bidding concludes.

Valid only for members/sellers and residing on the Philippines

To join pls. click here

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ANYTHING GOES BLOG: PCSO Suertres or 3Digits afficionados Tipster

Posted by pinggu on December 24, 2007

ANYTHING GOES BLOG: PCSO Suertres or 3Digits afficionados Tipster

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AdAuction earn from your Blog or website

Posted by pinggu on December 23, 2007

What is AdAuction?



AdAuction is an innovative new system that allows you to earn money from your blog or Web page. Simply display our pre formatted ads on your page and earn a comission for every successful transaction resulting from the ad on your page.

Web Advertising can’t get any easier than this. All you need is a Blog or Website, an AdAuction account, a little time and patience and you’ll be on your way to earning easy cash!

AdAuction’s Four Steps to Earning Easy Money!

AdAuction Rewards

Hook on AdAuction Buddy and Multiply your Rewards!

Get VIP treatment with your buddies. Hook up your online friends to AdAuction Buddy and multiply your AdAuction Rewards.

Invite your friends to sign up for an AdAuction account. Upon registration, they become a member of your network. It’s so easy!

Click here to learn more about AdAuction Buddy

Boost your earnings with P100 ACRU Bonus

Boost your AdAuction earnings with ACRU. ACRU (Activated Confirmed Registered User) is generated everytime someone registers in and makes his/her initial item purchase within one month of registration. If the ACRU originated from your AdAuction Ads, you will be credited with P100 ACRU Bonus.

Earn P6.00 Commission Fee

Spread the good news. Show Adauction Ads and reap easy cash! Earn a commission
for every successful transaction. Here’s how:

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Posted by pinggu on December 23, 2007

Lotto Game Combination Date Price Winner
Swertres MidDay Draw 9-4-9 11/1/2007 4,500.00 100
Swertres Evening 8-2-1 11/1/2007 4,500.00 402
Swertres MidDay Draw 6-2-5 11/2/2007 4,500.00 183
Swertres Evening 5-2-5 11/2/2007 4,500.00 681
Swertres MidDay Draw 5-3-3 11/3/2007 4,500.00 164
Swertres Evening 9-4-4 11/3/2007 4,500.00 180
Swertres MidDay Draw 5-8-9 11/4/2007 4,500.00 234
Swertres Evening 0-2-8 11/4/2007 4,500.00 150
Swertres MidDay Draw 4-9-2 11/5/2007 4,500.00 179
Swertres Evening 1-1-3 11/5/2007 4,500.00 817
Swertres MidDay Draw 0-4-9 11/6/2007 4,500.00 169
Swertres Evening 3-0-7 11/6/2007 4,500.00 664
Swertres MidDay Draw 9-4-7 11/7/2007 4,500.00 271
Swertres Evening 8-9-5 11/7/2007 4,500.00 186
Swertres MidDay Draw 1-3-7 11/8/2007 4,500.00 226
Swertres Evening 1-8-9 11/8/2007 4,500.00 677
Swertres MidDay Draw 6-7-8 11/9/2007 4,500.00 103
Swertres Evening 1-5-2 11/9/2007 4,500.00 689
Swertres MidDay Draw 0-6-2 11/10/2007 4,500.00 114
Swertres Evening 3-9-7 11/10/2007 4,500.00 282
Swertres MidDay Draw 4-0-3 11/11/2007 4,500.00 86
Swertres Evening 4-1-9 11/11/2007 4,500.00 550
Swertres MidDay Draw 0-3-0 11/12/2007 4,500.00 77
Swertres Evening 8-8-9 11/12/2007 4,500.00 306
Swertres MidDay Draw 5-3-2 11/13/2007 4,500.00 237
Swertres Evening 5-7-1 11/13/2007 4,500.00 331
Swertres MidDay Draw 1-9-2 11/14/2007 4,500.00 232
Swertres Evening 0-7-2 11/14/2007 4,500.00 213
Swertres MidDay Draw 0-6-1 11/15/2007 4,500.00 136
Swertres Evening 3-7-7 11/15/2007 4,500.00 283
Swertres MidDay Draw 5-1-9 11/16/2007 4,500.00 292
Swertres Evening 7-9-8 11/16/2007 4,500.00 174
Swertres MidDay Draw 5-4-3 11/17/2007 4,500.00 79
Swertres Evening 6-9-1 11/17/2007 4,500.00 296
Swertres MidDay Draw 7-9-7 11/18/2007 4,500.00 151
Swertres Evening 7-6-2 11/18/2007 4,500.00 335
Swertres MidDay Draw 0-1-5 11/19/2007 4,500.00 121
Swertres Evening 8-6-2 11/19/2007 4,500.00 238
Swertres MidDay Draw 1-1-9 11/20/2007 4,500.00 295
Swertres Evening 9-5-0 11/20/2007 4,500.00 312
Swertres MidDay Draw 1-5-7 11/21/2007 4,500.00 166
Swertres Evening 9-1-9 11/21/2007 4,500.00 419
Swertres MidDay Draw 4-1-0 11/22/2007 4,500.00 181
Swertres Evening 1-4-3 11/22/2007 4,500.00 626
Swertres MidDay Draw 8-8-6 11/23/2007 4,500.00 148
Swertres Evening 5-7-5 11/23/2007 4,500.00 274
Swertres MidDay Draw 7-3-0 11/24/2007 4,500.00 152
Swertres Evening 4-7-1 11/24/2007 4,500.00 450
Swertres MidDay Draw 6-1-8 11/25/2007 4,500.00 412
Swertres Evening 4-7-9 11/25/2007 4,500.00 498
Swertres MidDay Draw 2-6-8 11/26/2007 4,500.00 190
Swertres Evening 4-0-1 11/26/2007 4,500.00 223
Swertres MidDay Draw 1-6-2 11/27/2007 4,500.00 233
Swertres Evening 9-3-0 11/27/2007 4,500.00 583
Swertres MidDay Draw 4-9-5 11/28/2007 4,500.00 200
Swertres Evening 2-0-9 11/28/2007 4,500.00 798
Swertres MidDay Draw 7-7-3 11/29/2007 4,500.00 89
Swertres Evening 3-3-9 11/29/2007 4,500.00 452
Swertres MidDay Draw 2-5-6 11/30/2007 4,500.00 198
Swertres Evening 3-7-5 11/30/2007 4,500.00 404

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The P15,000 e-money give-aways from thru yugatech

Posted by pinggu on December 21, 2007

The P15,000.00 e-money give-aways from yugatech sponsored by

As an early Christmas present to readers of YugaTech, our friends from Auction.PH is sponsoring a Php15,000 Holiday Giveaway. Come on in and get the chance to win one of the 50 prizes.468×60win-emoney.jpg

Yup, 50 winners — the more, the merrier. That means each winner can get 300 worth of e-Money from So, what can you do with the e-Money? Well, basically 1 e-Money is equal to Php1.00 so if you have 300, you can buy Php300 worth of Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular load (prepaid cards). You can also buy stuff listed at Auction.pH Gadgetopia.

There are 3 ways to win and you can actually win for each one of them.

Raffle 1: Spread the Word!

Yup, just mention this contest in your blog and link to and you’re in (linklove to our sponsor). That simple. We just want more people to learn about this contest to make it more exciting. We’ll just track your entries via Technorati.

Number of Winners: 25 @ 300 each

Raffle 2: Name you Gadget!

Just browse thru and find the gadget you love to get from their listings. Leave a comment here stating the gadget or item, plus your gender, age and location. (e.g. I want a Canon Ixus 750. Male, 29, Makati)

Number of Winners: 10 @ 300 each

Raffle 3: Are you into Auctions?
If you are already a member of, just tell us your username there and how long you’ve been a member. (e.g. yuga, 7 months)

Number of Winners: 15 @ 300 each

Total Winners: 50

Anyone can join, even for each of all 3 separate raffles. That means you can win as much as Php900 worth of e-Money. You can also add as a discount for an item of bigger amount. Or even combine it with any other existing promos.

The contest will run starting today until Dec. 19, 2007 at midnight, Manila time. Winners will be announced the following day. Advanced Merry Christmas to all.

It is extended until December 26, 2007

For Updates click here

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